NomadPhp Framework

Conveniently full-featured & powerful, yet lightweight and unrefined.

Installing via git and composer

Make sure you have git and composer installed on your web server.

Create your site root directory, then enter it:

mkdir nomadphp
cd nomadphp

Issue the git clone command to download the skeleton directories and setup files:
Do not forget the trailing dot which tells git to install into your current directory

git clone .

Finally, install the project's dependencies with composer:

composer install

That's it

You should be able to access your project's site at this time. It will be the framework's static website The documentation at this time is a work in progress and you most likely will need to dive into the source code. But, no worries, this is what learning code is all about. So, play around, extend classes and break it, then make it better and push it back for integration!

Manual Download and installation with composer

  1. Download the nomadphp-standard .zip file Download

  2. Unpack to your projects root.

  3. Update the project to get all its dependencies
    These dependencies cannot be included in a single download

    composer update